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Reflexology in Tacoma & University Place (Fircrest) & REFLEXOLOGY Training

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Foot, hand and outer ear reflexology. Most sessions are done with majority if not all of session on the feet.  Typically hand and outer reflexes are to support the work done on the feet.

I also may teach you some reflexes to work on at home, especially on the ears and/or hands for easy access.  And with my two decades of experience in complementary healthcare, I typically have resources that may help enhance your well-being that I'll give you or email post-session.


Regular Rates


                       60 minute session $85                     

 75 minute session  $105

save $10 off per session 

with package of four paid with cash or check; 

or $5 off per session

with package of four paid with credit card. 

Cash, Credit Cards & Checks Accepted

Gift Certificates Available

New Clients


$85 for  50 minute-reflexology plus review of health history and wellness goals and often a follow-up email with resources relevant for you.


For new clients with foot pain, the cost is $95 for assessment, 40-50-minute reflexology and follow up resources.  I can't diagnose, but I'm certified by The Natural Foot Health Institute and have taken classes with Portland Natural Foot Podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan as well as with Structural Reflexologist Geraldine Villeneuve that inform my approach to helping to alleviate foot pain  &/or problems additional to the application of reflexology.  Plan on at least 70 minutes for a first session to address foot pain/problems.

Multi-Session Discounts - save up to $10 off per session


            Package of four 60-minute sessions:                $75 per session when paid with cash or check;

$80 per session when paid with credit card.

Packages are typically purchased with a one-time payment for all sessions.  This method gives you more time on the table each session! However, you may work towards a package by paying full rate with cash or check  for each session until the last session of the package when the savings will then be applied. 

Packages must be used within 4 or eight months time, respectively,  so that you gain maximum benefit of the multiple sessions.

For long-standing health issues, multiple sessions are recommended and generally needed in order to help the body achieve balance.  It is recommended to have sessions no more than maximum of three weeks apart when working towards a goal.  

30-minute sessions


30 minutes of reflexology are most common for children, the infirm elderly, or those with some chronic systemic issues.    

Half-hour rate is $50 with credit card;           

          $45 with cash or check  

Half hour sessions are available only at my Tacoma/Midland location unless otherwise agreed upon. There is a $5 discount per session with a package of 4 half-hour sessions.

Reflexology Classes



This 240-hour program held on alternating weekends through June  satisfies WA-state's  educational requirement  to become a professional, state-certified reflexologist.  The training will prepare students to sit for the WA-state-required Reflexology Exam.

The program includes unique additional coursework to help students excel in helping  to reduce clients' pain and enhance their wellness. 

Program co-instructor:  state-certified reflexologist Teri Hoskins, who previously owned and operated three Meridian Reflexology schools in WA state.

The Reflexology Certification Program will be held on alternating weekends at the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts ,  201 N Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98403 .  Free street parking is available. 

For more details, call me at 253 576-9541

 Register through the Northwest  Academy 

at   https://www.nw-academy.com/massage-sch  (253) 572-9284 

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Please note I am in my Midland office (Eastside of Tacoma) on Thursdays & Fridays and occasional Saturdays.  I'm in my University Place office on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. 

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Additional Locations

Portland Avenue in Midland (Eastside of Tacoma)


Thursdays and Fridays by appointment

The Reflexology Certification Program I'm teaching starting Jan. 2020 will be located at the Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in Tacoma